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Full Version: An honest evaluation of Filipino/Philippine culture.
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Originally posted by joescoundrel:
Honest evaluation of the Pinoy and our 'Pinas in general: Nice country with sh--headed people. Almost everyone in this country is a sh--head.

Public utility vehicle drivers: Parati na lang nanggagago ng kapwa motorista kaya lumalala ang trapik sa Kamaynilaan. Titigil at papara kung saan trip kahit alam na one-lane lang ang daanan i.e. SH Loyola street in Sampaloc near the UE gate. Nanghaharang na nga galit pa kapag ibang motorista naman ang magbababa o magsasakay ng tao kahit pa nasa TAMANG loading/unloading area ang ibang motorista. Lintik makabusina lalo na jeepney driver. At huwag nating kalimutan ang mga sugapa sa kita kapag panahon ng Kapaskuhan at namimili pa ng pasahero at rota: mga taxi at tricycle.

Traffic enforcers and street cops: Puro mga inutil at maledukado na wala ng alam gawin kundi mangotong kung kani-kanino, motorista, sidewalk vendor, mga palengkera, ultimo mga karinderya. Tanong mo lalo na sa mga pulis Maynila kung anong oras ang sakop ng overnight parking ordinance walang isasagot na matino dahil ignorante.

Makati/Ortigas entry-level yuppies and their ilk: Puro mga feeling on top of the world, climbing the corporate ladder at know-it-all. Bili ng bili ng latest na cellphone at kung ano-anong pamporma, sa "jolli-jeep" naman kumakain at sa pampobreng mga bedspacer o kamag-anak sa pampobreng lupalop naman umuuwi, nagji-jeep at tricycle pa pero sukdulan ang kaartehan sa porma.

Mga obrero, factory worker at iba pang nasa sektor ng manggagawa: Mga uto-uto at ignorante, pinag-aaral kasi nung bata hindi naman pinagbutihan, anak pa ng anak ng sandamakmak na lalaki rin namang mga mangmang na pobre. Hataw magpauto pa sa mga unyon na wala namang inatupag kundi mga membership dues at kung papano pagkakitaan ang mga CBA negotiations. Walang alam gawin ang mga lintik na ito kundi mag-isip kung papano makakagulang sa trabaho.

I'll put up some more when I have the time.

Yes, all of these are facts are true. And it does point out the flaws of common people. I'm not really a pessimistic person so I still clinch to my belief that their is still hope for our country. Mas-lalo pa kasi pinalala iyong issues kasi wala tayo masyadong action but more on criticizing! tongue.gif
Meron lang akong matagal ng naisip para maibsan ang trapik sa Kamaynilaan: Hindi kaya ilipat ang Quiapo church sa ibang lugar? Kunwari one of the vast tracts of reclaimed land sa may Roxas Blvd/Manila Bay area. Isa pa, hindi kaya ilipat din nila ang ilang schools sa U-Belt? Tama ang diskarte ng FEU at nilipat na yata ang Med School nila somewhere in Fairview. Dapat din gibain na ang mga dilapidated buildings along the entire length of Quezon Blvd-Quiapo, starting from Carriedo hanggang Central Market. Tapos laparan nila ang buong daanan including the bridge. That should fix up a lot of routes, notably the ones coming from QC such as Fairview, SM West, Cubao and Munoz. Same thing na din sa mga galing Dimasalang and Dapitan. Those will go all the way up to Baclaran, Taft, Mabini and Harrison. Tanong: Sino kaya ang may sapat na tamang isip at lakas ng loob upang isagawa ito?
study your suggestion some more and you'll realize it's foolish.
Good to hear from you again Mac.:-)

O sige sirit na, bakit foolish ang gustong kong mangyari sa Quiapo area?

Ang hirap kasi pare. Ewan ko lang, pero mula pa nung bata ako, basta may traffic sa Manila garantisado may kinalaman ang Quiapo, specifically sa simbahan, lalo na kapag Biernes at araw ng deboto. Kung wala namang misa doon lahat humihimpil ang mga sasakyan, nadagdagan pa ng mga bus bound for Makati, PVP and Juayma Maureen. Naisip ko lang mukhang dapat mawala na ang simbahan doon. It clears up space and removes perhaps the biggest reason why so many people and vehicles find their merry way there and clog up the other streets.
Originally posted by AnimoTeneo:
Yes, all of these are facts are true. And it does point out the flaws of common people. I'm not really a pessimistic person so I still clinch to my belief that their is still hope for our country. Mas-lalo pa kasi pinalala iyong issues kasi wala tayo masyadong action but more on criticizing!

But of course there is "hope". The question is, hope in what exactly?

Originally posted by AnimoTeneo:
Mas-lalo pa kasi pinalala iyong issues kasi wala tayo masyadong action

What kind of "action" do you propose?

How does one determine the best course of "action" without a clear understanding of the problem?

Originally posted by AnimoTeneo:
but more on criticizing!

Criticism is a form of an effort to understand the problem. Debate is an outcome of criticism and debate is good. The success of Western civilisation and all it's achieved is an outcome of endless debate.

There is value in this process as long as one learns from it.

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Originally posted by joescoundrel:
Good to hear from you again Mac.:-)

O sige sirit na, bakit foolish ang gustong kong mangyari sa Quiapo area?

correct zoning of area according to nature of activity help --to a certain point. a lot of people don't realize it but metro manila has one of the best zonings in the world, both natural and fiscal. most large non-commercial institutions are in lower manila (gov't offices, universities, hospitals, parks, etc.) our business districts are cooped up in very small corridors. trivia: the makati business district (the built-up portion) covers an area of only 50 hectares ---SMALL!

and yet traffic is as bad as bangkok's which has practically no zoning. why?

1. you have as nascient mass transit system. when daniel burnham laid out metro manila (c-1 to c-6 and r-1 to r-7), he already saw the need for a mass trnasit system.

2. poor distribution of goods - whether they're cheap or de la classe, the goods you want aren't available just anywhere. you'll find them in recto and banawe (in the case of car parts), juan luna (in the case of textiles), ylaya (in the case of garments), SM supermarkets (in the case of fresh tilapia and other food items). people converge to a very few destinations.

3. too few bridges spanning pasig river

4. river transit is not maximized (except for bulk goods).
so you have trafic problems regardless of your zoning. it has more to do with the concentration of an income-generating population.

if you want to be reactionary, to keep moving institutions like they're furniture, you're going to find that malacaņang is best located in the central plains of luzon, the universities will be scattered up in luzon along the shores of the south china sea, while the government departmental offices will all be thrown into a de facto capital somewhere in the visayas or mindanao.

here are but a few plans long considered by the DPWH to ease traffic:

1. convert the tutuban main station in tondo into an inland container terminal.

2. put up a second container terminal at the bank of the pasig river up to the vicinity of pasig/makati.

if you do nos. 1 & 2, no ten-wheeler truck and container van will EVER need to cross pasig river!

3. there must be a light rail line traversing the following:

c-1 (recto)
c-2 (forbes/tayuman)
c-3 (araneta)
c-4 (edsa-existing
r-2 (taft-existing
r-4 (aurora-existing
r-7 (q. ave.)

4. the heavy/standard rail line must be rehabilitated north and south of the metro AND a 'runaround' must be laid (preferably along the proposed c-6 highway) in order to skirt the metro.
How feasible are the DPWH alternatives Mac? Do they already have something in the works to this effect? One other thing, how true do you think is the usual line of PUV drivers that it is the private motorists who are the real cause of traffic in the Metro because of their sheer numbers? I see many things that I'm sure many other people also see. I'm just wondering which particular aspects of the traffic problems - in order of priority - need to be addressed to make sense of the traffic problem. I for one do not beleive that the traffic problem is as hopeless as it seems. Like BenignO said: we need to recognize the problem in its full extent and in its proper context.
Bump smile.gif

May the evaluation continue.
may it end. otherwise, i'll be disappointed.
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Nope, that Filipino's not me smile.gif Just wanna share this: In the eyes of a Filipino wanting to be American
Where are the fathers?

Small wonder an entire generation of Pinoys are growing up aimlessly and maturing into unproductive citizens.

We lionize men who father children left and right, even electing them president and senators.

Young people know what's going on, picking up cues about these social norms. The drug dependent I talked about earlier believes fidelity is a myth and no wonder, one of his male cousins once boasted to me that in their clan, their males' motto is "Stick to two." He meant wives, not children.

There are, no doubt, many role models out there for fatherhood but we hear too little from or about them, especially when they break the mold to become active and nurturing parents and faithful spouses. Let's hear, too, from the men who have redefined fatherhood to transcend biology.

(Michael Tan in this article)

This observation is clearly aligned with so many observations on the perverted conception of manhood that many Pinoy males harbour which our own movies so lucidly reflect:

In the same way that Pinoy movie heroines always end up in the arms of a Prince Charming who rescues them from their backward rural homes or cruel masters, Filipino men dream of marrying the mestiza at the other side of the tracks. Philippine cinema advocates the average Pinoy male's approach to achieving this next-to-impossible feat by further brushing up on boorish behaviour. Stuff Robin Padilla takes to heart especially after the box office successes of his 1990's movies most of which had that theme.

This narrowness of the range of male-lead movie themes is striking in this respect because it points to a disturbing lack of openness of the society to alternative behavioural or ethical models to govern the upbringing of Filipino men.

(check out the complete article here!)

Even in a previous article Michael Tan also wrote this:

What's disturbing is that the poorer the family, the greater the chance that the male will be delinquent. I've often had to talk with the delinquent's mother about this, almost admonishing her against allowing their son to become such "seņoritos" [house lords], amid the family's grinding poverty. These rearing practices produce the proverbial Juan Tamad, the male staying home jobless while his wife wears herself down with odd jobs to keep the family surviving.

You can imagine if a male is raised to be as privileged as he is in the Philippines, then there are no limits to his idea of what he is entitled to. In fact, his very maleness is defined, much like the peacock, by public displays of excess, spending way beyond the family's means to wear the most expensive of clothes, to get the latest models of cars and cell phones. In a conflict situation, the Filipino male is allowed, no, even expected, to rage when something goes wrong. Problems are solved, it is presumed, by male authority, male force.

If the male finally strikes a woman in anger, she is the one blamed. We see these expectations played out in the Kris Aquino case, with people speculating she probably was a nagger. In fact, both Filipino men and women have been known to advise husbands of naggers to "put her in place" by beating her up.

The Pinoy Male. Check him out and understand why a disproportionate number of Pinays are propping up the Philippine economy through their labours abroad.

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Sashimi Boy
Benigno: you sure get around, don't you? Are you from UP or ADMU?
From UP, I'm sad to report. And according to his fans (your very own Orion Dumdum, among others) he was a rather 'good' student. rolleyes.gif
QUOTE(elke_weis @ Nov 1 2005, 04:33 PM) *
From UP, I'm sad to report. And according to his fans (your very own Orion Dumdum, among others) he was a rather 'good' student. rolleyes.gif

I've seen the man's resume. Benigno is from the AdMU.
Sashimi Boy
Benigno does have passion for his work. I started habituating because of his links from The guy didn't lift a finger to help me when Barbarian La Sallites ganged up on me in that site.

Well Benigno, are you Maroon or Blue? Depending on where we come from we'd either celebrate or cuss!
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QUOTE(AnimoTeneo @ Jan 13 2004, 09:24 PM) *
Yes, all of these are facts are true. And it does point out the flaws of common people. I'm not really a pessimistic person so I still clinch to my belief that their is still hope for our country. Mas-lalo pa kasi pinalala iyong issues kasi wala tayo masyadong action but more on criticizing! tongue.gif

sinabi mo pa!

ayos lang sana kung yung mga critics, may actions.. kaso mas malala pa nga. tsktsk. ph34r.gif
just had my share of Pinoy traffic & road disasters this morning. well, my term's exaggerated, but the incident was terribly frustrating. my siblings and i were faced again with another unlucky morning because there was no one to drive us to school so we needed to have that fun trike trip once more. i was at the backride of the trike- an awful scenario. i always look like a dumped sardine whenever i take the ride. anyway, this is the worse part, while we were along a busy highway (which wasn't until last monday.. that's what we get from overpopulation & misread urbanization), a traffic enforcer (wow, there's one. what a surprise.) went to our trike and talked to our driver. (caused delay).. whew, he was close to a violation! boo that stupid robot. kami pa napagtripan! i felt relieved after. but on our opposite lane, bunch of vehicles were running high speed realeasing clouds of smoke--- & whenever they did, it was right in front of me. hay, asarrrrrr.. choking smoke! i can't breathe at ease. and i smelled like smoked sardine.. badtrip. ngayon ko lang naencounter ang ganung traffic. nakakasira talaga ng araw.

sadly, this is not a once-in-a-lifetime experience. it's very possible i'll be facing this dilemma again- anak ng sardinas, that may be tomorrow. laugh.gif
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QUOTE(benign0 @ Feb 2 2003, 12:11 AM) *
Thanks for your interest and, yes, we need to disseminate this message to as wide an audience as possible. It's too late to change our generation but the next one may still have a chance.

Some people ask me why I seek to kill our culture and tradition. My answer is another question:

Do we really wish to impart on our children the tradition and a culture of a generation that dismally failed to build a strong and prosperous nation?

Get Real Philippines!!

I was about to say that the only Filipino thing I would want to pass to my children is the value of family. But then I realized that even that isn't something much to be proud of here anymore. You can probably find better family values outside the country nowadays. But to be honest, I wouldn't know because I've stayed here my whole life... and because of that, yes, I honestly am forced to live with it (not very convenient but I have nowhere to compare it with anyway. so I can say it's still livable and exciting once in a while.)

Let's just say there's a lot to love, but there's even more to hate. And everything there is to hate, you've mentioned already.

I have a question though, and I don't mean for you to take it the wrong way. I want to clear up your advocacy.

What is it that you really want to happen? to annihilate Philippine culture, tradition, and spirit, and then what? Just "dissolve" it and make the lucky ones (like you) take on another nationality because their own has failed them?

(an honest question, so please enlighten me unsure.gif )

Les Infanterie
meron ka pa ring hindi matatawaran sa mga pinoy. smile.gif
si cecil mamiit nga, proud & proud & proud to be pinoy.. biggrin.gif
Les Infanterie
smile.gif yan ang pinoy! smile.gif
nakakainis minsan maging pilipino. pero mas nakakainis na hindi maging isa. smile.gif
Jim Paredes gets real!!

Read all about it here!!
yeah. australia will hopefully teach jim how to sing well and write good songs. never too late.
Let us pause and reflect, this being the 25th Anniversary of Ninoy Aquino's assassination.

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angel eyes
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eye opener toh ah!
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